I have a lot of confusion with verbs that indicate movement. I Do not know when to use each. go, come, get...  (in Spanish, ir, venir, volver, llegar, salir,...).


Thank you

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What is your confusion?


The confusion is mainly when you use: For example, when I invite a friend to a party, should I say, are you coming? or Are you going?


The verb "go" will be usually used to express like "walk towards some place " or "attend some event".And the common phrases are as follow:go about/go down=sink/go into=research/go on the stage=perform/go on=carry on/go out of one's way/go out/go over/go through/go to great lengths=run out of your energy/go to pieces/go to sleep/go shopping/go together/ go under/go up/go with/go without/go wrong. I wish my answer will help you get into English!

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