1. Busuu

This language-learning app features more than 3,000 words and expressions and covers a wide range of topics through comprehensive vocabulary sections and interactive tests.


2. SpeakingPal English Tutor

An interactive app, SpeakingPal offers exercises, dialog with a virtual character, role-playing, and a series of mini lessons. It comes with speech and language recognition and provides instant feedback to students.


3. Cartoon- Free English

This one here helps learners learn new words through the use of a method called word cards. They use pictures to illustrate meaning.


4. Lingual.ly

Lingua.ly helps users learn multiple languages through games. It uses the classic snake game where users can snack on words! It comes with a smart dictionary which users can access on the go.


5. MyWordBook 

This app was developed by the British Council in conjunction with Cambridge University Press and offers a wonderful, engaging way to learn new words through sets of interactive flashcards.


6. Grammar Up

Grammar is the foundation on which a language stands and it is therefore important to know how these rules influence language usage. With over 1800 grammar questions across 20 categories, Grammar Up helps students learn by choosing a specific topic.


7. Language Verb Trainer

This app as its name suggests helps learners improve their use and conjugation of verbs. 


8. Conversation English

 The app gives learners the option to read the conversation and then answer questions and complete a variety of exercises.


9. StudyMode

The app gives you access to papers on a broad variety of research topics, flashcards, essays, and critique of classics written by Hemingway, Shakespeare, Melville, etc. What’s more, you can read book notes and AP notes for free. 


10. Oxford Deluxe Dictionary and Thesaurus of English 

It is probably one of the most expensive apps available for English learners, but there are none more comprehensive than this one. This app basically contains the complete Oxford Dictionary, plus the thesaurus, with the added audio feature. It’s ideal for students who have the money to spend and don’t want to carry a big, bulky dictionary around.



Another great fun & free one is the PhraseBot game - check it out here!

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