I'm learning english bacause I love english since I've been at school. I have a problem to use the word other(s), another(s), the other(s) and otherwise. Please explain. Thanks

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ahenus 11540

other + plural nouns (other people, other women)

another + singular noun (another person, another woman), you cannot say anothers, it's incorrect

the other: when you talk about one of two things (I don't need this pullover, I'll take the other one.)

the others: when you talk about a group of something/somebody (Where are the others (=the other people)?), you can only use it when the reader/listener already knows what you mean.

otherwise is a conjunction, meaning "or else" (Tell me the truth otherwise I'll leave you right now.)


Thanks ahenus for your simple answer and for your correction too. Now I really understand and I'll practise to use those words correctly.

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