Which one is more usefull with English subtitles or without subtitles?

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Of course with subtitles. When you watch movies to improve ur language you should focus on language only rather than story. Haha. Only subtitles can help you.


Subtitles could be helpful, but generally, they won't, especially in countries like Greece where movie translations are abysmally poor. Only translations by certain professionals, i.e., Natasha Syreggela, are of any quality. Subtitles on most movies on Star Channel, AlphaTV, Mega, etc., are so bad, they will confuse you rather than help you.  It is best to watch movies without subtitles, but watch the same movie at least 3 times. Renting movies, where you can pause and rewind at will, rather than watching them off of TV would be the best way. Rental movies also offer subtitles in English, or better yet, close-captioning for the hearing impaired, also in English, and that's the best way to watch a movie. Avoid greek subtitles at all costs!


I think the best way is without the subtitles, so you can improve your understanding of spoken English. In fact, you can watch the same movie two times, if you really want this, once with the subtitles and once without them and see how much of it you  understood without them.


glyka 180
thanks a lot for your advise. I agree with you


glyka 180
Yes that's true but in this way listening won't be improved. I can't focus on both subtitles and listening.By the way thanks for your answer.

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