There are many ways to say “Thank you” and among them are:

Listen the audio and see the list below to learn it!


grazie – thank you

molte grazie – thanks a lot

grazie mille – a thousand thanks

grazie infinite — thank you really much (infinite = infinite, endless)


ti ringrazio — I thank you (2nd person singular, informal);

la ringrazio — I thank you (2nd person singular, formal — just the same way you’d say “I thank her”);

vi ringrazio — I thank you (2nd person plural);

la ringrazio tanto – thank you so much


grazie per la cortesia — thank you for the courtesy

grazie per la pazienza — thank you for your patience

grazie per la disponibilità — thank you for being helpful

grazie mille per il tuo aiuto - thanks a lot for your help. (casual)

grazie mille per il Suo aiuto - thanks a lot for your help. (formal)

molto gentile da parte Sua - very kind of you. (formal)

grazie di cuore – sincerest yhanks

grazie di tutto – thank you for everything

grazie. E' troppo bello - Thank you. It’s very beautiful.

grazie. Mi piace tanto – Thank you. I like it very much.

grazie davvero — thank you really (but it can be said also in an ironical way to express disappointment for something unpleasant someone did to you — or is going to do — and you didn’t request);

grazie, buona giornata — thank you, have a nice day

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