One of the most important things that you are going to want to know how to do when speaking to others in Italian is to describe yourself and anyone else around you.  It is important that they know what you are all about!



Come ti chiami? – What’s your name? (informal)

Come si chiama? – What’s your name? (formal)


Di dov’è? – Where are you from? (formal)

Di dove sei? – Where are you from? (informal)


Quanti anni ha? – How old are you? (formal)

Quanti anni hai? – How old are you? (informal)


Che lavoro fa? – What do you do for work? (formal)

Che lavoro fai? – What do you do for work? (informal)


Che cosa fai tu nel tuo tempo libero?

What do you do in your spare time?


il mio hobby è…
il mio passatempo è…

My hobby is...

Mi piace!

I like it!


La mia occupazione preferita è….

My favorite occupation is...


mi piace cantare – I like to sing.
mi piace ascoltare la musica – I like to listen to music.
mi piace suonare la chitarra – I like to play the guitar.
mi piace disegnare – I like to draw.
mi piace leggere – I like to read.
mi piace cucinare  I like to cook.


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