Assignment ­- a particular task or duty

Enroll - to join a class

Examination ­- A set of questions or exercises testing knowledge or skill

Schedule - a list of the times when classes in school happen

Take an exam / sit an exam - do an exam

Pass an exam - get a good enough mark to succeed

Get a good / high mark - do well in the exam

Get a bad / low mark - do badly in the exam

Pass with flying colours - pass with high marks

Hit the books - to begin to study hard

Flunk out - to fail a class or course and leave school

Cut class - to not go to class

Bookworm - someone who reads a lot

Take extra lessons / have private tuition / private coaching - pay for a personal teacher to help you with the subject

Graduation - when you receive your degree for completing your education or a course of study

Freshman - (also frosh) a student in the first year of high school, college, or university

Recess - the break time between classes is called recess.

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