"Learning a new language is like getting a new window in which to see the world"

"Learn a new language and get a new soul"

"A new language is a new life"



Why Set Language Goals?





Identifying Your Language Goals:









Short term:

·         I need to understand work emails in English/German and meetings at work.

·         People in my country come from all around the world and it's difficult to understand their accents.

·         I want to feel confident speaking in meetings. 

Long term: 

·         I want to learn English/German well so that when I travel I can speak confidently and fluently (without too many mistakes!) 

·         I want to be able to teach my children English/German.

·        I want to be able to understand films in English/German.



I will email and chat online with my colleagues both formally and informally about work.

I will write my professional texts directly in English/German, every month.

I will start to write my diary  in English/German (my feelings, thinkings,  experiences, opinions about some events  that happened that day), every day a few sentences.

I will write my FB posts in English/German, with or without the help of a dictionary.

I will go out with my foreign colleagues every Wednesday when they go for a beer and get involved in the discussions.

I will attend English/German meetings twice a month, I will ask my best friend to join me.

I will read one English/German graded reader at Level 4-6 every month.

I will follow a minimum of 3 FB pages about cooking and spend at least 30 min per week reading the posts/links.

I'll memorize 5 English/German songs.

I'll fully understand one English/German movie by watching it every day.

I'll pass my English/German test.



Do You Have a Dream or a Goal for Your English/German Learning?

What are your short and long term English/German language learning goals?




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