Which sentence mentioned is correct and why? Why we can't use just I received instead of I have received as I see this combination so often Thanks in advance

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I received the item yesterday


It depends on the use.  Short answer is that both are correct in a particular context.  Have recieved focuses on the completion of the action of recieving - it is the past perfect tense.  So if someone asks if you recieved something, you emphasise the reciept by adding the have.  If they ask you when you recieved something, you dont' need the emphasis, and answer I recieved it yesterday.


I received the item, but if you're going to give emphasis on the delivered day or time it should be in a past perfect tense. Just my two cents


I received the item is used when emphasizing the time you received it, it is past simple (not past perfect). 
I received the item an hour ago.

I have received the item emphasizes that you have something new, it has arrived and you share it with whoever you want, it is present perfect.
e.g. I have just received the item. OR I have received the item I've been waiting for. OR Look! I have finally received the item.

However, AmE (in my opinion) prefers past simple in many occasions over present perfect. So, unless this is a school leaving exam question, I would not bother with it so much in daily conversations or correspondence.

Hope I helped at leas a little bit. :-)



«I received the item » uses the Simple Past tense and should include a past time indicator such as yesterday, last week, two days ago....

«I have received the item» uses the Present Perfect tense even if  it is a past moment, but we do not know exactly when it happened in the past.

Here I would choose, « I have received the item», but using the other form in the Past you would also be very well understood.



I have received the Document you have sent I will look into it.


Both are correct depending on the context. "I have received the items" or "I received the item".

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