How to learn the german grammar and how to speak like a native german speaker and understanding the construction of the german grammar?


Life is too short to Learn German

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  • Get a decent grammar book; Hammer's German Grammar covers everything, it is great :)
  • Memorise, memorise, memorise! It's the only way grammar will stick
  • Make vocab lists for different topics
  • Watch as many German films as possible
  • Listen to lots of current German music - and from there, read/listen to interviews with German bands/singers that you like
  • Read lots in German; check the news in German daily, find a book that you like translated into German etc
  • If possible try and speak with native speakers who are willing to help you improve your German


In no time you will be speaking it like a pro ;)


speak with native germeans and listen to how they speak


Depends what is your mother tonge first. Then how old are you? Since makings sounds is dependable on an vocal cordes and these are developed fully after puberty there is a slim chance that anybody learning a foreign language after that age will be able to make all the sounds perfectly.  In summary if you are around 12 years old yet, can live in germany and have a chance to associate with germans,  and your language is in the same group as german perhaps you have a chance to speak like a native.


You need a good musical ear to be able to repreoduce the sounds and a good mind structure and understanding of grammar in your native language to be able to connect it to the German language.


The best way to practice any language is talking with native speakers, this is a good website which I reccomend

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