Please share some simple rules of using prepositions IN - ON - AT.

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For prepositions of time, I created a video that shows the usage of in, on, and at.  Hope this helps!



Thanks Lisa!




Well you can use then in many different situations for example

in: for spaces and specifics moments during the day, also to talk about months

I'm in the kitchen ( space)

I'll see you in the morning ( moment during the day)

I like the weather in July.(month)

On: for surfaces and  to talk about a date or a  moment day in a (general)

the book is on the chair ( surface)

My birthday is on march 22nd.(date)

I go to the movies on saturdays (day)

At: for places and for time (specific)

I'm at home (  place, really general)

The concert starts at 8.00 p.m. ( time)

there are more uses for these prepositions though

Hope this helps you a little :)



tiffy 7350

Hi. You can visit this slide to know more tips on how to use the prepositions in, on, at when indicating time and places -

or remember this infographic:


Use "IN": Date, Place, Months, Seasons, The Morning
Countries, Cities & Town
Use "ON": Days, Cardinal Number, The Birthday, "on" table, "on" beach,
Use "AT": Time, Home, The End,The First, Week-End, The Top, The Moment

PS: for time we can use "on" & "in"
a- On time: Short Delay
b- At time: At the moment (no delay).
Salam =D


Wow!! This is really helpful. I had never thought of such a great way to put this. I am an ESL teacher and I will definietly use this resource in class.

Thanks!!!! :)



Well, this rule is great and really help.
But, there are lots of other situations that doesn't fit in this rule...

For example, I don't know even if the sentence above is right (IN this rule or ON this rule)...
I'll type some sentences and would be great if any of you could explain if I'm right and if I'm not and why...

" I'm interested in buying your car..."
" My hobby is spent some time on the internet..."

Thanks for the help.


It not apply fof all situation but any way i more understanding the rules to use preposition of time


Thanks you for help


"But ,there are lots of other situations that doesn't fit in this rule": I would rephrase this sentence as follows:"There are situations in which this rule is not applied" "I'm interested in buying your car " is OK but,in my opinion, the other one should be:"My hobby is spending some time on the internet/surfing the internet".. Bye


at night, at seven o clock



prepositions are the hell of English language and I had problems with them as well. I would recommend you "English Grammar in Use "  by Raymond Murphy . Every grammatical topic is perfectly described and explained there. Of course it's not a bad idea to learn the whole phrases by heart and then just use the pattern, But believe me if there is problem just with prepositions you will be understood anyway. And once you get used to them it will come out of your mouth naturally .

Have a nice day

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