write songs or writing songs (ESCRIBIR CANCIONES)


Se puede decir 'Escribir las canciones' o puede y sin y con articulo?

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If you want to use it as a verb your choice is "write songs"

Example 1: You should write songs...

If you want to use it as a noun your choice is "writing songs"

Example 2: Writing songs is my hobby

or : I like writing songs

In both examples (1 and 2) write and writing mean the same "escribir" with the only difference that in number 1 "write" functions as a verb and in number 2 "writing" functions as a noun. In english this type of nuon is called "gerund"


Doesblue 1270

Es simple, write songs es en presente. Por ejemplo: I like to write songs. Writing songs es en presente progresivo o continuo, por ejemplo: I´m writing songs for my new album.

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