This question is quite confusing if I answered it using "yes! 'there is' or 'there are' "

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"person" is the singular form, as in :  There is a person here.

"people" is the plural form, as in:   There are people here.

Words such as "orchestra", l which may have many people, is singular, such as:  The orchestra plays (3rd person singular) well.  


"Yes! There are" is the correct response. This is because you are describing that there are many people on the street. The word many is plural, so you would say are. If you want to use the word is, you could say "Yes, there is someone."


"Yes! There are" is the correct response.


EllieT 140

The key words in this question are 'a lot'. These take the singular verb. So the question should be, 'Is there a lot of people ...?'. Answer will be, 'Yes there is,' or 'No there isn't.'

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