I am trying to improve the use of the English Grammar so I need to know which expression is correct:

There is a lot of people or There are a lot of people.



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There is

cuz people uncountable thing


There are

People is the plural of "person"


Two possibilities: There is a lot of people in this room Or There are lots of people in this room.


There are


There are a lot of people,

we use the form of be Are  because you have to use the correct form of the verb according to the subject and in this case people is the plural form

person ( singular)------- people ( plural)

a lot of is a quantifier, which means it's a word that helps count in a general way, you can use it for countable and uncountable ( non countable) nouns.

There is a lot of traffic today ----- traffic ( uncountable)

there are a lot of stores----- stores ( countable)


Alva has given an excellent explanation of the correct answer which is .>>>  there are.

People is plural of person.


Ok for me the answer is : there are a lot of people, because is too much person we talk about so that we can not say “there is a lot of people“ Thanks

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