Hello guys, i´m from Czech Republic and i have a question for any English native speaker :)...pls "As Autumn Sunrise" ...(meaning - like Autumn Sunrise)..could this be used ? ....does it make any sense? ..we wanna use this as name of the music band but we are not sure if this is ok...i mean grammatically...THANKS! :)..

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I would just use Autumn Sunrise. I think it's a great name for a band, and I don't see any need for the "as".  Just my opinion .:)




Autumn Sunrise is correct (and it's a good bandname by the way). And i agree with the first comment, no need to use 'as'. :D


tiffy 7350
yes I agree with the majority here. Autumn Sunrise is a nice band name.


If you wish to add "as" then you could just say "as the autumn rises"

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