When using "Make or Do" in a sentence? And why is used "do" rather than "make" in some expressions? Ex: "to do the dishes".

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tiffy 7350

You use "do" when you are about to make an action. You use "make" when you are about to create something.


Trecia was requested by her mother to make a simple dish for their dinner. (what will she make? She will make a dish because it is something that can be created)

Trecia will do the laundry tomorrow.  (what will she do? - laundry, because it is something that you cannot create, but you can perform it.)

I hope this helps.


Para nada sirvió esa explicación.


In my opinion, you should forget about rules and simply try to learn expressions with each verb. I say that because every rule has exceptions and sometimes they're many. What should help you migt just get you even more confused. If you use make fornaomething you create, what do you say about "make the bed"? See what I mean? So, find a good dictionary and study the possibilities you have! Make it the easiest and most natural possible! Just learn.

big hug.


one old and goo explanation is: "you do your mind" and you "make with your hands". Wne you make something you produce it you create it. What you it already exists.


do use for action's and make for thing's

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