1. Active voice: He needs to take chairs. Passive voice: i) Chairs NEED to be taken by him (or) ii) Chairs NEEDS to be taken by him ? which one is correct !

  2. A.V: I might have take permission P.V: Permission might HAVE (or) HAS been taken by me !

Also describe about Active Voice and Passive voice visually in detail.. . .

Tanking you all. . .

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1 - "chairs" is a plural noun and the sentence is in the present simple (passive voice) so we use "need" not "needs"

2 - permission might HAVE been taken by me because a modal verb (in this case "might") is always followed by an infinitive.


Chairs NEED to be taken by him 

Permission might have been taken by me !



CHAIRS NEED (because chairS are plural)

HAS BEEN TAKEN (he/she/it HAS --> Permission might HAS)


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