I wanna make friends with US natives and so we can exchange culture between each other

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Hi. I don't know any websites where you can make friends with Americans, but I like your idea. And what do you think about communicating  in English with  people from other countries (not only from USA)? Because I would like to speak/write in English with someone, too.


I know one - interpals.net
I think it is the best solution! It helped me very much! On this web site you can choose any country from all around the world, and speak with any one you want( from USA,UK and others)


Hi. If you are still looking for someone to speak/write in English with , I'm interested :-).Just let me know.


Radha 240
Hi.I can advise to you one very helpful website.


Here you can register and create your own profile.Then you can do many exercises and chat with native speakers!!!


I use "Conversationexchange": you can decide with whom  you want have meeting on Skype or face to face  and so on!


I'm working on this site http://saundz.com/ - it's an application that lets you practice American English pronunciation. It has voice recordings of native speakers and you can compare your pronunciation with theirs, but you cannot interact with them. Have a look and let me know whether you think this would be helpful to you. Here you can start a free demo:  https://learn.saundz.com/register/loginRegisterGuestUser.htm?lang=en_US



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