I have a strong social anxiety that disturbs me from speaking English proparly, and I want to overcome it!

If you have kinda same problem, we can practise together and finally start speaking English like gods!

I'm just a smol girl, who studies in art academy in a little witch country c:

I am really looking forward to cozy web-get-togethers with tea and warm conversations.

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I'm interested. I'm in Burkina Faso in Africa


Hi there,

I am a native English speaker (Colorado / US) and a fellow artist (college graduate in Digitial Animation and Sculpture). I do have a bit of social anxiety but mostly when in groups of people where I don't know anyone.

Let me know how I can help!

You can drop me a note on here, or through WhatsApp (+1 7202920546), Discord (Dr3adUnicorn#4757), or through email (firefly6223@gmail.com)


Su_SS 200

I'm interested in this. I also want a friend to practice English conversation.

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