I am an American who lives in Italy.  For almost ten years I have taught English.

I just started this group on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/englishpenpal/

Please send me a friend request if you would like to be member of the group.

Susana @ Inglese-Subito


Let's speak English!!!


Thanks, I add your link in facebook. I want to be a member of your group. I´m Connie

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Yes, Can I practice with you?


Helo, my name is Ignacio. I can someone the practis Englhis pleace.


ı want to practise for speaking


Hi I'd like to pratice my English with you. My name is Dafne


Hello, I am Oil. I need to practise my listening & speaking English . Please help me.


akeela 170
hi my name is akeela, yes i would love to be in your group. im not really good with spoken english and my grammar also sucks. so please please please help me to improve my english. :D

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