Hello everybody,

Today I came across with this two words and then keep my mind confused, When should we use each one them?

If you found some wrong in my writing please talk to me and this will help me to improve my knowlegde, remember I'll be thankful with your tip.

John Pires

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Well, TO is basically when you exchange something with someone/thing. "I gave it TO her".  FOR is more like "instead of" or "in benefit of" someone. "I did it FOR her because I like her." I like her, so I did sonething in her benefit. And I think you may use towards intead of "TO" when you're talking about a place "I'm going towards London." I'm going in London's direction, I'm going there. Or when something is in front of another. It's towards something. And you can use towards instead FOR when you have feelings FOR someone, for example, you have feelings towards someone. And also when you mean "in relation to/ regarding to", You have a bad attitude toward the future.

Well I hope I may have helped. There are more uses for those words, but I think these are the basic ones.


I'm really thankful for your answer. I got it all right now. Would you mind if I ask for you add me on my social page FACEBOOK? If you've liked it, please, My e-mail is "John_house@hotmail.com".


toward= in the direction of >>>> or be on one side of an opinion

for= do somrthing in favor of someone

to= hurt someone or do something against him/her


It was great, I'm glad with it. Thank you so much.

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