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I've read a blog and then I read the word FEWER, that I didn't know the meaning. After that I searched about it and perceived that FEWER has the same meaning of LESS. It was what I found, Please tell me more even it.

If you found some wrong in my writing please talk to me and this will help me to improve my knowlegde, remember I'll be thankful with your tip.

S, John Pires


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as posted from http://englishproficiencyforprofessionals.blogspot.com/2014/01/commonly-misused-adjectives-in-english.html


Less vs Fewer

Less - is compatible with non-countable nouns, collective nouns, volumes and bulk amounts. (Example: Less pollution is better for the environment.)

Fewer - is used with countable nouns and individual items (Example: If people threw out fewer bottles, the world would be cleaner.)



Thank you for clarify my mind, It was easy to understand!


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THe commenters are right, FEWER is used with countables, and LESS with uncountables. What concerns their meaning:

                             Comparative                           Superlative

few                        fewer                                     the fewest

little                       less                                      the least


Actually John if i were in your shoes, i would think the same thing as you did. so unfortunately don't have any idea :)


The only difference that comes to my mind now is that FEWER would be used when there are countable objects, like : There are fewer chairs in this room than in the previous one. When it comes to LESS, I believe a fine example would be: I have less sugar than my neighbour. This is because sugar is perceived as a substance, and is uncountable.

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