Let me give an exemple, when I wanna stay inside my room. I come in at my room. So, I used IN, But I never know how to use INTO.

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The difference between in and into is whether or not there is movement. Into is used when something or someone is going or being put into another location. In is used to describe where someone or something already is.

Ex:  She is in the room. She walked into the room.

The toy is in the box. The boy put the toy into the box.


In American English, we sometimes use the two prepositions interchangeably. Ex: She got in the car. She got into the car.  Both are acceptable.




I am thankful for your attention to solve my doubt. By the way, I loved your answer, it was clear and straight to the point.

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its really nice...


maybe and wether


Thanks for your kind words, John. I'm glad it was helpful to you!


Reall useful answer...

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It was defenetly useful for me too,


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Ah finally somene has solved my 'in or into' confusion! I have been looking for this answer for literally ages. Thanks a lot!


If the movement is going on within a boundary take in. For eg. Boys are swimming in the pool


very lucid explanation!


Thanku today I got the perfect answer of my question:)

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