How can I use such in my phrases?

I always see this word in many dialogues but I don't know exactly how to use it safe.

Thanks for the help. :)

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"Such" is usually used in the form such+adjective+noun, such as "such good food". This usage usually implies a result, marked with "that", as in "She cooks such good food THAT everyone wants to eat at her house." The "that" is often left out.


Use it in order to emphasize. Example: she is such a good girl. We had such a good time together.


¿y cuál es la diferencia entre such y too much o too many?


These are different exprecions.

"too much" and "too many" (second is not so used) say about "how much", "how many".

For exemple, you can say "I love you too much". If you want to use "such", you can say "I have such a big love for you".


Yes, "too many" is used. "I have too many cars--there is not enough space to park them." Your example "I love you too much" is grammatically correct, but not usually used, as most people don't believe that there can be too much love in the world! In informal use, the "that" phrase is often left out altogether.

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