Hi, Im very confuse about this two. I dont know when is correct to say its and is..


its a birthday or is a birthday ?

its in her bag or is in her bag ?

its 5pm or is 5pm ?

things like that........

when can you use its and is?

can somebody give me a description and examples for each one? when is properly to use each one? Thanks!

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tiffy 7350

Its and It's are totally different from each other. Its denotes possession. For example:

The dog wiggled its tail.

It's is a contraction of it is and in other cases, it has. For example:

It's the responsibility of the parents to educate their children. (It is the responsibility of the parents to educate their children.)

It's been said that life is good when you are laughing. (It has been said that life is good when you are laughing.)

You can read this article (http://www.slideshare.net/stephlowe91/ielts-grammar-training-rules-in-using-apostrophe) to educate yourself on the proper use of apostrophes (rules).

is - it is a linking verb that connects the subject to its complement. For example:

Jack is going to visit his father's grave today.


Kika 180

Hi! Ok. First you need to know that IT is a personal pronoun (third person singular). You need a subject to build grammatically correct sentences. For example, you say "The house is big" where "the house" is the subject. If you don't want to mention the subject because it is already known you have to replace it(the subject) with a pronoun, in this case IT "It is big" In this case you can use the contracted form IT'S "It's big." It's the same you do with other pronouns. For example John is tall - He's tall, just in this case we are talking about a thing or a situation that can't be replaced with HE or SHE. A different thing is ITS (without the apostrophe, that little punctuation mark)which is a possessive adjective and you use it to indicate, well, possession in the case of things (one thing, third person singular) the doors of the house = its doors. I hope I was helpful


It is .... = Use in affirmative/negative sentences e.g. It is a birthday (It's a birthday), It is in her bag (It's in her bag), It is 5pm (It's 5pm)

The order of words in this construction is : Subject - Verb - Object/Noun/Adjective

Is it .. ? = Use only when constructing questions e.g. Is it a birthday ?, Is it in her bag ?, Is it 5pm ?

The order of words here is : Verb - Subject - Noun/Object/Adjective


and IS?

you wrote IS IT

I want with IS


Hi isasonrisas !

In response to your question ...

Just using 'is' and not 'it is' in examples like .. 'is a birthday' or 'is in her bag' is grammatically incorrect and sounds terrible to a native English speaker.

Basically, it's bad English and you should never say it.


Native 7610

I cannot understand what exactly you want to know. Please be more explicit.

Example: The weather is cold. / It's cold. In this case 'the weather' = it.


well, thats why im asking: when is properly to use each one.. both are very similar and im confuse ... and im not a native english speaker, thats why im asking


I completely understand.

I'm a native speaker and I'm here to help. I hope my explanation makes sense to you. Good luck with your English learning !

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