Hello guys, Im having troubles with a grammar rule that I recently got.

There are 5 cases in where you can invert the subject and verb order, I already understood two of them.The other 3 are: - Invert the verb when you use negatives, such once, never, neither and so on. - With conditionals, only when the helping verb in the conditional cluase is had, should, or were. - When you make comparisons, like in "My sister spends more hours in the office than DOES John."

I already read these rules, but Im trying to look for some tips to get these in a easy way.

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Mags 140

Well, I really don't know the last one. Are you sure you've got it right? The first one is used when you use a negative at the beginning of the sentence. You also use it with words or frases such as: Only atfer, Little, Rarely, Seldom, etc. There is a list of these words.

Here you will find helpful explanation: http://usefulenglish.ru/miscellany/inversion


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