Hi guys really I want to know the difference among (demand),(request) and (order)

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Josep 4650

Hi zetlan,

1.- Demand: to say in a very firm way that you want something.

2.- Request: to ask for something, or to ask someone to do something, in a polite or formal way

3.- Order: to tell someone to do something, or to say that something should be done, in a way that shows you have authority.

As you can see, we use 'request' when we want to be polite. 'Order' implies that there is an authority (police, judge ...). Demand is less polite than 'request'. If you 'demand' something but not 'request' something means that you REALLY need it as soon as possible.

For example: Your mum knows you have failed all your subjects at school but you have not handed her your report card so she says angrily: 'I demand to see your report, young man!'. Instead, if you have been arrested by the police and the judge has sent you to prison, you would say: 'The judge ordered the policeman to take him to prison'. As you can see, we use 'order' because there is an authority (Judge).

Hope this helps.

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