i have a hard question when i use ing or ed to adjective and can i add ing or ed to all adjective if no please say what adjective do you add ing or ed

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agniecha 2240

You can add -ed or -ing to many common adjectives (although not to all of them).

If you use adjectives with -ing you describe things and situations, e.g. annoying, boring, interesting, exciting etc.

You use adjectives with -ed to describe how people feel, eg. annoyed, bored, interested, excited etc.


that one is correct but there's one thing to add: adjectives with -ing endings can refer to things as well as people. however, adjectives with -ed endings can only refer to people (living creatures). there's a big difference between being bored and being boring :).


you can add ed or ing to any .. but it changes the meaning of course... it is not the same to be annoyed to be annoying.... hope it helps...


This is the way I teach my students : People are adj-ed because things are adn-ing. Example : I am bored because this is boring.

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