Hey guys!

I always have this doubt! I know that when you will use "looking forward to" the followed verb needs to be in ING form, but when I try to say about some place or some concert I get stuck.

Thanks a million guys!!!

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ahenus 11540
that is not true, tiffy!!! look forward to is a special verb because it is followed by TWO prepositions, forward and to. so don't think that to is the beginning of the infinitive form of the verb. after prepositions, we have to use the -ing (gerund) form of verbs. but if you want to write a noun after it, just write it as it is, nouns don't have -ing forms. here are two CORRRECT examples: 1. I am looking forward to seeING your film. 2. I am looking forward to your film. so don't forget, -ing forms after prepositions!


tiffy 7350
It's fine if you are not going to use the "ing" form of the verb after "looking forward to". It is still fine you use the following:

I am looking forward to watch Celine Dion's concert next fall.

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