I would like to ask when do we actually need to use the verb "to do" in phrases? If i recall correctly i have seen it being used in positive phrases and wondered why it's used there and when should i use it. Example: "I do understand" instead of "I understand" which i usually use, or "I actually do play football" instead of "I actually play football"

I know it is used in the negative but would like to know when and how we should we use it if there's a rule?

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ahenus 11540

do is used in positive sentences as an auxiliary to emphasize the verb. "I said I DO love you, why don't you believe me?" it can also be used in its past form, like "I told you, I DID do my homework." the point is to emphasize the action and its being done.


I learned that we have to use "Do" to emphasize something... We usually use "Do" when we want to pay someone attention about something ... But, I never searched for rules... I just do this way :)

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