What's the difference between 'great fame' & 'excellent reputation'?

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ahenus 11540

I'd say that fame is more informal/general than reputation. Which one to use depends on the context. If it is in a rather formal one, use 'excellent reputation'. If the style doesn't really matter and the context is general, go ahead with 'great fame'. e.g.: Look at that guy, he's got great fame among the ladies. Our company has gained excellent reputation on the international market.


Hello friends For me, the excellent reputation is a phrase used rarely in everyday conversation and gives a meaning of being high in status but the word fame does not include so. ¿


reputation refers to high status, that's true but fame is also synonymous with reputation. fame = the state of being known about by a lot of people because of your achievements (http://www.ldoceonline.com/dictionary/fame). we shouldn't put notoriety in the mix though which is always negative (the state of being famous or well-known for something that is bad or that people do not approve of from http://www.ldoceonline.com/dictionary/notoriety).

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