I just wanna speak like a native English speaker.. Can you give me some ways on how to get that goal?


Hello! Thank you for interest. I’d like to try to compare it to my previous experience of learning English through Skype on online classes. I did around 10 conversations over Skype with a native speaker from http://preply.com/en/english-by-skype. And I was pretty satisfied with their Quality. I think they have a strong teaching quality. Following their course curriculum now I can speak English like a native. But I Want to try another option.


I would like to speak like native speaker


Yes, I would like to speak like a native speaker

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Thanks Amir, that's exactly what Saundz does. Also, I always suggest that the students take a paragraph from their favorite book, record themselves reading it and then listen to it and analyze mistakes. As you said, with the latest technology it's not difficult to do it at all and learners of all ages are used to having different devices that enable recording.


Gianni 730

You can't.

Phonetically, unless you moved to an English-speaking country within the age of, say-5 you can't sound like a native because your phonology and perception adjusts to what you're used to hear. (That's why sometimes we have trouble distinguisting between sounds). Don't bother trying to sound like a native, because:

  1. There is not a single accent to refer to (Wanna learn RP? Nobody talks like that. Like Beckam? Only in the south and London). Retain yours and get sensitized to accent differences, that's my advice.

  2. Nobody wants to hear you trying to sound like them. A single misplaced sound makes you fall "out" of the boundaries of an RP speaker or Estuary English speaker. Again, just don't bother, really.

As for other issues concerning language: grammar, vocabulary, syntax. Use grammars but damn, be ready to accept those rules being violated by speakers all the time. Language is shaped by speakers, not by books. Always remember that. So listen to PEOPLE, not CDs.

That's the best advice I can give you. Best wishes.


I wouldn't say that the RP is the easiest to acquire but I agree that there has to be one standard accent taught in schools. In an ideal scenario students could get used to multiple accents right from the start but that'd be too complex. Instead, there has to be a single standardized variety taught in all schools because it is impossible to predict how students would use the language in future.

Of course, some students don't worry about their accents but some find it very important because it affects their overall confidence when it comes to using the language.


Jennifer, you are a native speaker, right?


Actually, I think American English is becoming increasingly popular among students in most parts of the world because of the media and business opportunities. I'm surprised school curricula and textbooks haven't changed their focus to the US culture yet...


I'm really curious about what other people think about it Amir. Some studies have shown that students in Asia perceive all the authentic English accents as simply "English" but I'm sure people in other countries increasingly strive for General American.


Speaking like a native and not living in an English speanking country is nearly impossible. And here's why, even if you watch movies and listen to music like a crazy, you'll be picking up various accents without noticing, but believe me, a person from New York will see that you pronounced a word in a way, and used a slang from another place. They'll know. Even in the same countries they differ from city to city or state to state in way of communicating. I have fooled a girl from England, she thought I was American, but when I went to the states they knew I was a foreigner right away. So try to choose an accent you feel most comfortable with and practice as much as possible. Results will come.


Listen and emulate what you heard and keep practising that..


I worked with diffrent  expat speakers friends but unfortunately with little improving


Lots of useful comments! Thanks


listen & listen & listen & listen & listen


i could improve my speaking by listening just listening

without paying attention to words just i listened to the intonation

i did listen everyday & after 2 months i felt the change

the more you listen the better


How to speak like native. It is  simply.

In an interview, we can not think of what we are talking in their native language. You should switch to English thinking. At the beginning is difficult, but systematic training gives results.


Tomasz Skaba

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