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You can use "for" to do something or to someone or also you use it in order to do sequential things.

Example: Would you do that for me? Another example: Can you close the window for me please? Ex: "I do it for you" Ex: "You will need to be there in time for your driving test" Ex: "Subscribe for more videos" Ex: "She works for living"

You use "by" when it's related to something made by someone or used by.

Example: When you see the credits of some film you can see "Music by: *" it means the soundtrack of the film was selected by that person. Another example: "by my side" it means you're really close to someone. Another one... Ex: "I go to school by car" it means the person is driven to school, the person uses a car to go to school. Another ex: "The letter was written by me". It means the person wrote the letter.

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Abby 180

FOR is used when talking about the use or purpose of something (used for..) while BY is used when we want to talk about the agent or person who does the action.


Wiatr 200

We are using "For" when we are talking about the activity, which is happening with reference to somebody or something. Example -"It was a shock for me when I realized, that the people I thought were saints are criminals." " By" we are using when we are talking about activity, which coming into being is caused by someone or something. Example-There are circles, in which many girls aren't getting married since their life is controlled by the organization dealing with the degradation of human life.


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What about period of time?

For example: He has been doing his job by last  two years. vs.  He has been doing his job for last two years. I've seen both to be honest.



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