How can use the words "Wrong", "Mistake" and "Error"? What's the main difference between these words?

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Josep 4650

Hi Lenilson,

'Wrong' means that something is not correct. It is not a noun but an adjective. So you should use it as a normal adjective:

This answer is wrong! - You bought the wrong car!

'Mistake' vs 'Error'

The only difference between these two is that an 'error' is a mistake that you may find in a calculation or in a decision. For example:

'I must admit! I made an error in rejecting that job offer!'

Hope this helps.


Wrong= Not correct ex. You took the wrong way= There is a right way.

Error vs mistake

Error= To do something wrong due to ignorance or poor knowledge (You think it is correct but it is not) ex. It was an error to do business with that nasty guy, he cheated us.

Mistake= you have the knowledge but in a slip you make something wrong. (Involuntary)

ex. Ups! Sorry for drink up all your beer, I was absent minded. It was a mistake.

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