I don't know the diference between yet and still

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Josep 4650

Hi Hernán,

Basically, still -> Affirmative / Yet -> Interrogative & Negative.

1.- It is still raining (It has not stopped raining)

2.- It has not stopped raining yet (Negative sentence, therefore we need to place the 'yet' at the end)

3.- Has it stopped raining yet? (Interrogative sentence, we are asking whether or not it has stopped raining).

It is still raining & It has not stopped raining yet: Basically they mean the same but in the first one we use 'still' cause the sentence is affirmative and in the second one 'yet' cause the sentence is negative.

Hope this helps,



Ron G 1720

I usually use the word still for something that I usually do but haven't done lately like for example. I still need to do the dishes.

I use the word yet for things that I want to do but have never done before. For example I have yet to go skydiving. That is just the way I use those words when I speak.


sina 100

yet comes with the past perfect and the sentence is negative but still used with all the tense

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