can anyone tell me how to explain the terms TILL,STILL,UNTILL and YET?

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'Til is slang (informal) for "until," so it actually isn't an official word. Both "til" and "until" mean up to.

A person might say: "It is 8:00 now. I am in school 'til 2:00." They are in school from 8-2.


Still is also used with time. It means even now. A person might say: "I am still in school." They are at school when they say this.


Until and til are the same. Until is the formal/correct word. A teacher might say, "You have until tomorrow morning to finish your homework."


Yet means up to now. A person would say: "I haven't turned in my homework yet."


I first suggest that you ought to learn how to ask question.Do not misunderstand please,just if you really want to learn english,just start from simple things. 


OK. I'll practice English TILL the night but STILL its not that easy. I'll try the best I can UNTIL my grades are good and YET I have lot to learn
Hope you find it useful lubna :) anyone can improve skills if they wanted to. you just have to have patience. Thank you :)


yes it is helpful thanx you understood my question, it was a typing mistake.




Still=yet Ex: the batsman has still not opened his account. The batsman hasn't opened his account yet.

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