Hi everybody,

if I go to the beach,.... "i like swimming and practicing surf and water sky" or If I go to the beach, I like swimming and doing surf and water sky or if I go to the beach, I like swimming,surfing and water skiing

I think the last is correct...and you?


Yes, the last one is the best

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Ron G 1720

There is no such thing as water sky. It is called "water ski or water skiing"

I would say. I like to go to the beach to practice not practicing water skiing and surfing.


I think I like surfing is correct.


sina 100

Hi if i go to the beach i like to go to swim, to water sky and to practice surf or i like swimming surfing and water skiing when i go to the beach


sina 100

I like practicing surfing


sina 100

i like practice surfing


If I went to the beach, I'd like to go surfing, swimming, and water skiing. This is imagination. But if you want to describe your preference, I think it will be " I like swimming, surfing and water skiing when I go to beach / on beach

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