Good Afternoon, my questions Today:

I don´t like Birthdays, so:

           I "really" don´t like Birthdays, but I have a good memory of one        or

           I don´t "really" like Birthdays, but....

another question:

           I got up as every day, (as every morning, as usual)

           I got up like every day, (like every morning)

Sorry,I´m learning and have a lot of doubts, so...Thanks so much

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ahenus 11540

Hello there,

I don't really like birthdays ....

Notes: really comes right before the main verb; birthday doesn't begin with a capital letter; you don't need a comma before but.

I got up like every day would be better though I would rephrase it if possible in the following way: I got up at the same time as every day/morning.

If you leave it as 'I got up like every day', the meaning is not clear. Do you mean the same time, or in the same mood, the same way, or how?



I´m telling my birthday, what happened:

the sentence is:

I got up like (as?)every day, I had a shower, a breakfast and then, I went out,....

I got up at the same time as every day... do you think is better?

Thanks ahenus, like (as?)everyday

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