I would like you to say me a good studying plan to practice English everyday, because I don't know if this plan I created is good. I'm confused, because I'm since July 2013 learning English, and I've learned almost all the grammar and all the tenses, so I don't know what I can do to keep learning. I can create my own sentences and write long texts. I'm intermediate now, but I want to keep studying English, until I reach the fluency. My biggest difficult is in the listening and I want to improve it.

Is my plan correct to learn?

That's my current plan:

- 3 hours listening to podcasts

- 2 hours listening to videos with subtitles on Youtube

- 30 minutes singing English songs

- 1 hour reading to news websites (like New York Times, The Guardian, Washington Post). Write the new words on my phone, and their meanings.

- 1:30 listening to radio and paying attention to what they say, and trying to understand.

- 1:30 hours speaking English, through English books I have here, and through the internet.

- At weekends, practice the new words, by writing sentences and texts with them, and memorize them.

Should I listen to podcasts and audios without seeing the transcription, or seeing it?

If someone speaks slowly to me, I understand almost all, but I want to understand the normal spoken English, as the natives speak.



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You should carry on watching Tv series or movies, in my opinion it is the most beneficial and convenient way. I hope this will helpful for you.


The best way to learn any language is to try to have a conversation with some one who is very fluent at that language. You can easily find many people who will be happy to help you.

One thing that you can do is try to form a group with someone whose enlgish is better than the rest of you and try to discuss about a topic, right some article and have your friends review it.


My method of studying is reading aloud English books as well recording me for the voice reader and listening to any article (every week is longer) for the whole day. It is good to listen to the English radios (eg BBC or Radio Heart).

Keep going! You are doing well!

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