hey everybody.. i got the problem, i can catch what the native speaker says, but i can't respon quickly what they ask, Thank you very much for someone that want to answer my question, :)

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ahenus 11540
i'm sure you already know this, but practice makes perfect.

a technique that i suggest to my students is that you watch or read something in your mother tongue and try to translate it spontaneously. this way you can practise spontaneous communication.

another is that you get somebody to practise english with, about everyday topics. this person doesn't necessarily have to be a native speaker - intermediate english knowledge is enough.


tiffy 7350
Have the confidence. Widen your vocabulary and exposed yourself more on the English language. Practice every single day. Incorporate it in your daily habit. There are a lot of videos in Youtube. Here's a website where you can learn some new words for your vocabulary bank:


You can also learn from these tips:




to improve your conversation according to the Native you can try and learn languges with the help of experts from http://preply.com/en/skype/english-native-speakers

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