Hat is trennbare Verben ? What is the usages ? Bekommen , ausmachen ,einkaufen Please explain it ....

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Be ge emp ent er ver zer=untrenbare Aus bei mit nach vor zu =trenbare ,end of sentence.example- ich kaufe ein.but ich kann empfohlen dir.difficult,right?


It's almost like the english verbs that go with prepositions. For example:

Take off your dirty clothes! In this case the Germans would use a verb that would sound like "offtake".

When used in a sentence they are used apart unless you have a Nebensatz, or a modal verb. For example:

1) Mach die Tür auf!

2) Kannst du die Tür aufmachen?

When in past tense or as an infitive, ge and zu are added. Example:

1) Er hat die Tür aufgemacht.

2) Er versucht die Tür aufzumachen.



Hi Monika,

this is a video in which I am explaining the separable verbs:

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