How to use grammar tenses in past in which time and on what situation. And how to know which word come behind and after some word liek be,as far as, likely, etc..

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Hello. Here is a useful slide to know different verb tenses including past tense. There are also formats with sample sentences.






You can have simple past, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous,

simple past is used when it's a short complete situation that happened in the past.

past continuous is for an ongoing situation that was happening in the past it's not completed, pretty much used to tell a story.

Past perfect is for a situation that started in the past and somehow is related to another situation/ event in the past.

past perfect continuous is an ongoing situation in the past that's related to an event in the past.

Now some examples:

I watched a lot of prograrms yesterday ( situation/event already fnished)

I was watching t.v. yesterday ( situation/event finished, but is used to tell a story)

I had watched a lot of programs but i never tried to imitate them.  ( this is related to another situation)

I had been watching a lot of programs about medicine since i was a kid ( setting a background for a story).

I hope  this can help you a little :)


My friend recently wrote an article on that topic:

I hope you'll find it helpful :) 

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