I would like know when I must used remember and remind.

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When you want to keep something in your mind,you must use REMEMBER

For instance, I can't remember his name

when you want to make someone remember something,you must use  REMİND

To illustrate,I remineded him to buy five eggs.

I hope these things will helpful for you .



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Remember - to keep (information) in your mind : to not forget (something)

For example: I always remember Ana when I go to the beach.

Remind - to make (someone) think about something again : to cause (someone) to remember something

For example: James reminded Ana to keep away from the fence.

Definition source: Merriam Webster


Remember is something you do by yourself. Ex : Suddenly I remembered it was her  birthday.

Remind is something that someone helps you with.  Ex: My mother remind me to call my sister today.


I guess this is a simple way to explain, hope I could be of any help.

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