What is the difference between "Me neither" and "Neither do I" and "Nor do I" ?

Is there a difference if I answer like that?:

  • - I don't like beer
  • - Me neither / Neither do I / Nor do I


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I think "Me Neither" and "Neither Do I" they both have the same meaning. For example, If you don't like beer and you ask me "Do you like beer? and I answer "No, I don't like beer", so your next comment about it could be "Me neither or Neither Do I". 

About to use "Nor" is like tiffy respond above. I got a sentence but I'm not sure if it's correct.

" I wouldn't like to drink hot coffee nor tea, I just want a Mango juice."


tiffy 7350

It means that these people do not like beer.


Neither and nor play a negative role. Remember, do not use neither/nor if the sentence do not signify negativity.

For example:

  • She didn't see her bag in the car nor are her shoes. (meaning, she can't find her shoes and bags in the car)
  • I could neither laugh nor cry. (meaning, she can't cry or laugh)

Remember to avoid double negatives like this:

She didn't see neither her bag nor her shoes. (This is a double negative, so settle it into: She didn't see her bag in the car nor are her shoes.)


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Neither do I is correct, but nor do i it doesn't seen in this form

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