I am colaborating with in an Information and Technologies supplier/outsourcing and they use words in the wrong way, welll, that is my perception:

Populate instead of fill in the blanks

Or "loan" instead of borrow or lend (with their different actions:taking or just giving), to me "loan" is only for monetary purposes..

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I descibe it to you as I was told on my English classes:

"Loan" is something given (somebody's possession given another person) => another person BORROWS

"To be on loan" - to be given => TO BE LENT, verb - LENT STH

It is also:

LENT - person has something and gives it to the second one (one direction)

BORROW - person doesn't have required thing and asks for this, she/he borrows (one direction, too)

LOAN - two directions: exact loan / be on loan.


Loan isn't only for monetary purposes, but it is mainly used in banks for shares, bills, crucial stuff. You won't tell I want pencil, loan me, but pencil may be on loan I think.

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