Hello my name is ikrame i'm a student un university , i'm studying English,and a hva some problems in writing so what i have to do to improveit   aand thanks

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First of all, i think you should learn the gramma. Because it's really necessary to learn Gramma in Writing. The gramma is not necessary much in comunication, and it's in the other side of Writing .

Second, you have to learn the vocabulary. As you know, nowaday people often write short form of words, example : i knw ( i know ), hw r u ( how are you), ect... It's not good. Because if you want to write an application letter so you must use the correct form. :) Using lots of abbreviations will form a bad habit for you.

The last, you try to write as much as posible. By wrting in notebook everyday, how you feel today, what make you happy/sad..ect..

And goodluck :) :)


I think you should read english books, it's the best way to improve your writing.


I think you must writ a short story's or something like that :-)

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