I usually experience problems when it comes to question formation in english and most of the times questions that I ask are either imprecise or meaningles, hence to hard to understand and/or get answers from the people that i ask. whenever I ask a question I would expect someone to say or ask me about what I mean. that is it. What I want to know is how to formulate articulate questions  that are easy to comprehend by the listener or the person that I am asking.

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usually if not always, is verb (auxilliary verb)(1) subject (2) verb(3) and complement(4)

do  you  speak  english?

1      2        3         4

hope you understand the numbers lol :P


ahenus 11540
one easy technique to avoid the problem of question word order is to use the word 'right' at the end of the sentences, e.g. 'You work here, right?' 'I gave you the correct answer, right?'. this way you could avoid people misunderstanding you.

judging by the way you compose sentences, i would also suggest using simpler sentences. i imagine you to be an academic who uses sophisticated language in their mother tongue but you need to understand that you can't express yourself in exactly the same way in a foreign language. english is usually a to-the-point and straightforward language thus you need to focus on saying a lot in very short and concise sentences.


Actually, i have the same problem/situation. If somebody help us,i will be really happy.


By the way, Where are you from ?


....word order ...in English this is very serious and important.

you miss that.

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