I returned to my country and ı dont want to forget english, ı want to practice

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I would like to improve my english.  even though, i practicing by reading all kind of books (with different genres) in order to adcquire new vocabulary. also,  i look for common expressions in english according the sociolinguistic contex using by native speakers and i listening to music using its lyrics because when we heard the word pronounced by the singer at the moment when we heard it again it'll be understandable.


You're doing well :) Listening comprehension is hard, but don't give up. Theres a lot of apps on Google Play to practise all the skills. Consider the one you find more difficult for you and invest more time in it. Listening to podcasts, watching films, radio programmes are useful tools to get engaged and improve them. Enter the MOOC Future Learn and enjoy the free courses for your degree or professional development. Here you can meet other students from different countries with the same goals as you. Hope I've been able to help you in any way. Go for it!

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