Anyone knows about any French course online and for free that includes the four skills: writing, reading, listening and speaking ?


Thanks in advanced !

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Hello. Below, you will find a link to a great, free, French site. It doesn't matter how much French you know. If you know just a few words, or if you already proficient to some extent, this site has a lot for you.

And here is a site with easy French poems.

I think these sites are very good.


It also depends on what you are looking to do with your language learning experience. I'm using this program with my daughter; although I do also have degree in French. Doing this course with her has also helped me recall my French.

We are considering going to Alliance Française near us as well.

We also enjoy this youtube channel:

And then of course Dulingo for just practice anywhere. It's FREE and you can get some instruction and ask questions. 


I propose a free blog with French courses for your daily and professional live (tourism, hotel, restaurant, client support,..). With French movies and series with French subtitles.


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