I am a korean student learning eng and confused about the meaning of 'have' and 'past particile'. I know the meaning of present perfect tense. What i want to really know is how each 'have' and 'past participle' are served in a sentence. I can understand it when both words are togerther. But i do not know what they serve in a sentence.

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has/have + past participle is form of present perfect - you know this

has/have is only help verb, so the meaning give the next verb

maybe it helps you a little


The present perfect shows a connection between an action that happened in the past (represented by the verb in the past participle) with a present situation (represented by the verb has/have). Observe this example:

I have bought a car. 

It means that I bought a car (in the past) and I still have it (in the present).

In case you specify a time in the past when an action took place, you simply use the simple past. Example:

I bought a car last week. (last week marks the time in the past when the action happened.)

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